Smart Energy Interview - Part 1

Hi everyone, just wanted to post the full interview with Managing Director, Kenneth Whitmore, from the Smart Energy Event:

How does Mint Workspace support an energy transition in Southeast Asia?

From the beginning, office in Thonglor has been developed by three entrepreneurs dedicated to reducing cost and energy footprint in the workspace sector and as such, Mint Worklounge, the first branch of Mint Workspaces is constructed in an old animal hospital, from the ground up, on a foundation of sustainability. Mints vision is to create modern workspaces out of odd locations and repurposed buildings, and we have done that to the fullest with this first Thong Lo office. The sustainability and overall energy footprint of the building can be divided in to two sections – construction and consumption.

With regards to Construction, the decommission of the old hospital on Thonglor was conducted with absolute attention to recycling anything from the cobber in old cables to wooden chairs and tables. All our wood panels, windows and frames at our office space is made from reclaimed wood. All of our tables are build in-house with locally sources and from recycled materials. All walls and ceilings of each office unit are double insulated to keep the cold in and the heat out.

With regards to consumption, we are using LED based lighting everywhere in the office building does not only give a much more natural and vibrant light, it also which reduces the energy cost of both lighting and cooling of the offices and coworking areas. Instead of using an expensive and inefficient central cooling system, we have independent systems in each office so the clients can control according to their own requirements. This also offers an incentive to reduce energy consumption.

Our contribution to the outside community and South East Asia consists in keeping up to speed with new developments, leading the way and continuously informing the public about what can be done to reduce ones carbon footprint in the coworking and office segments as well as general building and construction.

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