Mint School of Communication is planned to open in December 2018 and will initially only provide education in Thai language and communication. The classes will include; Thai for beginners, Written Thai language Studies, Spoken Thai language studies, Thai communication for business and Thai cultural understanding. In 2019 additional classes in other types of communication will be added.

The school is operated in collaboration with Kru Jan and one of Bangkok’s leading Thai Language educators to the business sector. In addition to using a the unique training program known for its efficiency getting students literate in Thai in less than six weeks, the new Mint School will offer a variety of corporate training programs focused specifically at equipping business executives with the vocabulary and cultural understanding necessary for working with Thais around the country.

We are working on several programs that will include Educational VISAs, but it is currently not ready and available. These programs we expect to be able to offer in Q1 2019 and onwards. For more information please use our contact form.

Do it right the first time, by calling us:

Contact from overseas: +66-86-021-5140

Contact from Thailand: 086-021-5140

30 hours reading and writing class

Taught between 7 and 9 pm, this program will give you all the tools you need to read and write Thai


45 hours verbal and vocabulary class

Learn to have a conversation in Thai


35 hours corporate training program

Bring your coworkers and learn the most needed office vocabulary and a bit about Thai corporate culture


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