The Thai Department of Business Development under the Thai Ministry of Commerce requires that all businesses own a physical office for legal business registration and VAT registration in Thailand. To save space and money, many virtual office providers and legal companies do NOT follow Thai law (always ask for a key to your office when in doubt).
To cut costs, many of these legal companies and second-rate office providers have adopted the common practice of providing fake/non-existent office units in Bangkok, mainly because office space and related taxes are expensive in Thailand. Given the recent political developments in Thailand, the risk of operating from a fake/non-existent Thai office is no longer safe, as perpetrators are more likely to get caught and be penalized for going against the law. 
The Mint Team has worked hard to provide a solution for business owners and entrepreneurs looking set up legal operations in Bangkok for the same price. Whether you’re starting a new business or deciding to totally legalize the one you’re currently operating in Thailand, Mint has a solution for you. Just give us a call and we’ll discuss your needs.

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