about us

MINT WORKLOUNGE was started in 2016

Practically designed interiors of Mint WorkLounge is a workplace that opens doors to brainstorming and new strategies. It offers learning and growing alongside other motivated minds, which inspires and gets inspired. Mint WorkLounge proves to be the most convenient for small teams working towards a brighter future. It allows flexibility by being available for access 24 hours a day as a part of the membership perks. For non-members access is on weekdays from 9 am-6 pm. Various other facilities are included, like free parking spaces and hot drinks for the members. It also has a cafe, lockers, and allows the purchase of hard drinks. Mint WorkLounge suits freelancers the best and the price is 4,500 Baht on a monthly basis and a low daily rate.

Second home

one big happy family

Take chances, dare to be different and value your community: The story of how ‘MINT WORKLOUNGE’ came to be.

“Mint is our second home”, says receptionists Natt and Best: “because even though we are all professionals and the members run their businesses from here, we are like one, big, happy family and the atmosphere is often very joyful: some days you don’t even want to go home.”

This is one out of many obvious reasons that ‘MINT WORKLOUNGE’ is the pride and joy of two friends and founders of ‘Mint’, Henrik and Kenneth.

Their idea for ‘MINT WORKLOUNGE’ was born five years ago when they found there was a lack of serviced offices/coworking spaces in Bangkok. They saw this as a business opportunity.



build it yourself

Both being creative souls, they envisioned an original, pop-art style and artistically differently work place with edgy, funky, colorful, hip, inspiring interior design. Their construction company ‘Scandinavian Builders’ was as successful here Thailand as it had been in Denmark, England and America for 25 years making it an easy choice to build exactly what they had envisioned.

“Luckily, it was very easy to build ‘Mint’ from absolutely nothing. We found a building on Thong Lor Soi 9 which was old, neglected and falling apart and we saw it’s potential. Because when you start from nothing, you can create exactly what you want”, explains Henrik.

Once the worklounge was finished, people literally rushed to ‘Mint’ to ensure their coworking space or office(s).

Mint Becomes Family

It was a big relief for the founders to witness their vision and strategy transforming into a success: a place much appreciated by all members.

The interior design inspired everyone creatively and the diverse, professional environment presented unique opportunities to thrive and grow through strong business relationships:

A winning vibe and an original, inspiring work place and ‘family’ structure came to life right then and there.

Today, that vibe, space, structure and vision is still going strong.


Kenneth Christensen

Kenneth is the artistic mastermind behind the look and vibe of ‘Mint.’ He is well known for his constant flow of new ideas while always staying happy, wisecracking and laid back no matter how busy. 


Henrik Jensen

The other half behind the vision of ‘Mint’, Henrik, is a very loved leader amongst us. Henrik knows exactly how to deal with people and recognizes their individual talents and needs. His amazing mindset spreads positivity and inspiration to everyone around him.


Mike Smayrabunya

Mike “the connecter” knows an incredible amount of people and being the outgoing person he is, everyone knows Mike too. He sees the exact potential in every person. A trail of laughter always seems to follow Mike wherever he goes, which has become one of Mint’s trademarks.

Receptionist and assistant

Natt Chom-im

Natt’s smiling face is the first thing you see when you step into ‘Mint.’ She handles everyday tasks and assists with pretty much everything. “If you’ve got a problem or something seems impossible, just ask Natt and suddenly -it’s fixed!” says her colleagues about her.

Receptionist and assistant

Pornwipa Wilajan

Best is well known as a fierce negotiator.

“If you think you’re about to make a great deal, ask Best, and you will soon realise that you can do better!” is the word on the street. This makes her a much-loved other half of our receptionist-team here.