Thailand’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

Personal Data Definition

Personal data means information about an individual by which an individual can be identified. whether directly or indirectly.

Personal data collected

Mr Robot Co., Ltd will use lawful and fair methods to collect personal information as limited as necessary.

Under the working objectives of Mr Robot Co., Lt, at Mint Work Lounge. we offer workspace, business services and an entrepreneurial ecosystem of creatives, business consultants and investors.

We can set you up, sort your offices, get your VISA,  and help with your taxes, and find you investors, all under Mint Work Lounge.

So you don’t sweat the small stuff.

Via https://www.mintworklounge.com/, we collect your personal information as follows:

  1. Fullname

  2. Email

  3. Phone Number

However, such personal data is necessary for the operation of Mint Work Lounge.

Source of personal information

Mint Work Lounge is committed to keeping your personal data private and secure. We will never share or sell any of the information you provide us without explicit permission, unless compelled by law enforcement officials when they have a valid court order in their possession.

The user agrees to the terms of use presented on this page and allows the system to store, use and disclose that information for its intended purpose.

Purpose of collecting personal information

Mint Work Lounge will collect your data every time you fill up a form or request business information over the phone, with the sole intent to perform our business activities and offer you personalized offers.

Collection, use or disclosure of personal information

Mint Work Lounge commits to only process your personal data. We may also be required, depending on the situation, to disclose all of your personal information in order for authorities or judicial officers with legal authority such as court proceedings and proceedings.

Retention and retention period of personal data

Mint Work Lounge cares deeply about the privacy of our customers. That’s why we will take necessary measures to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, destruction, use or disclosure in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

We keep your personal information safe and secure until the time limit expires, after which we delete or destroy it to protect your privacy.

Data Subject Rights

You have the right to perform, including the right to withdraw your consent for personal data collection and use. Unless there is a limitation of rights by law.

You can contact Mint Work Lounge to perform the above rights. without any cost and will notify the result according to the request within 30 days. Unless there is a limitation of rights by law.

If any data leaks are found, Mint Work Lounge will notify you within 72 hours.


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