Are you a budding entrepreneur looking to break into the cannabis industry in Thailand? Are you keen on learning more about the growing cannabis market in the country? 

Then you are at the right place. 

BLOOM, Thailand’s first bi-lingual legal CBD platform is proud to introduce you to the very first Cannabis Panel and Workshop which explores the role of women entrepreneurs in the industry.

Join us on Friday 18 March at MINT WORKLOUNGE 

Hear from the two leading female CEOs in this industry, Chanabis and Ganjita & Co, and how they built a thriving business in an uncertain legal market. Find out what it takes to build a cannabis company by learning from the woman leading the charge.

Ganjita and Chanabis Show the Way!

Our cannabis panel and workshop will be led by the CEOs and founders of two diverse cannabis businesses.

Min is the CEO and founder Chanabis

She will discuss the ins and outs of joining the local legal cannabis scene. Chanabis is focused on making cannabis-infused products more accessible, and helping people reap the benefits of CBD. Their products include tea, kombucha, and honey.

Ub-Ib is the founder of Ganjita & Co

A young Thai startup on a mission to enhance your cannabis smoking experience with stylish accessories and quality rolling papers. Ganjita & Co is known for its candy-colored smoking accessories.,

Join BLOOM  at their 1st Cannabis Panel and Workshop and have all your cannabis-related questions answered. Get inspired by these terrific ladies who continue to defy high odds and exceed expectations.

Meet like-minded enthusiasts and become a part of this growing movement.

This event is organized by BLOOM

The first bi-lingual legal cannabis platform in Thailand. BLOOM striveS to provide access to high-quality, premium cannabis products – at their one-stop marketplace.

BLOOM provides honest, transparent, and accurate outlook into the cannabis niche and seeks to breaks all myths and the cycle of fake news.


Doors Open at 4 pm.  – Mingle and enjoy some purchases from the Bloom treat table and free-flow beer.

5:00 pm – Cannabis in Thailand introduction

5:30 pm – Women in cannabis showcase and Q&A

6:00 pm – Chanabis workshop

Visit us for what promises to be a remarkable evening.

Check out the various ways in which you can enjoy the goodness of cannabis – not limited to only smoking. Choose from CBD oils, tinctures, edibles, honey, and get inspired.


4:00PM – 7:30PM