The ‘Hogwarts Worklounge’ of Thonglor:

– Enjoy safety and flexibility and let the magic of free social media marketing surround you! –

 Ever wondered what it is like living in Harry Potter’s Hogwarts where staircases, furniture and people in the paintings move around as they please?

 At ‘Mint Soi 13’, you won’t suddenly fall through thin air because of a staircase disappearing from under you. Or find yourself in a heated discussion with the woman in the painting in the reception-area, who suddenly appears next to you in the café to have a sip of your freshly brewed Italian coffee?

But even though your life and belongings will not be in constant danger and you do not need sorcerer’s skills to get accepted into ‘Mint Soi 13’, comparing it to Hogwarts strangely makes sense anyways. Because on the 8th floor of the Home Place Building, the environment is also ever changing.

The effect is similar to that of the Harry Potter universe: it spreads like wildfire on social media, which is one of the many intentions behind the concept.

Re-imagining offices and work spaces

Expectations and requirements for coworking spaces and serviced offices are forever changing. They especially have during these pandemic times and can now only be described as sky-high.
If you want to keep up with the best of the best and offer employees/members an environment and community that they will regard as their second home: a home where they are comfortable, feel safe and where they simply just like to hang out, elements like good receptionist service, fast WiFi, a cool interior design and ergonomic chairs and tables are no longer impressive. They are a given.

WeWork’s “Are you ready for how tomorrow works?” is the million dollar question that they are rightfully asking all of us, specifying how flexibilityand safety has become two of the most important elements of good work spaces today.

Covid-19 has certainly also meddled with our setup at ‘MINT WORKLOUNGE’, where exactly flexibility and safety have been top priorities for a long time. Like many other companies, serviced offices and coworking spaces, we have taken all necessary precautions to ensure the safety and continued productivity of our members.

Temperature measurements, available hand-sanitizer everywhere and social distancing inside serviced offices and in coworking areas is a part of our everyday work life.

More procedures, plans and special Covid-promotions have been put into action, for instance our promotion:

In their article “embedding new ways of working”, ‘KPMG’ are also touching on flexibility. They state how the Covid-19 pandemic has made all of us aware that work can (and sometimes must) be done from everywhere these days:

at your office, from home, at your friend’s house or at a café. The new buzzword in worklife is WFA: “Work From Anywhere!”

We are always ready to support our client’s needs as the pandemic changes character and volume from week to week. We take great pride in being a safe place for our members to not only survive but thrive and grow through difficult times. But these days, as restrictions are being lifted in Thailand again, we are also fully ‘returning’ to the vision and goals we had when building ‘Mint Soi 13.’

Because why work from everywhere when you can work from the very BEST and reliable place?

Working from home also makes a lot of people less motivated and cafés don’t always have good wifi or can be too noisy etc.

There are many benefits of working in an office and belonging to a physical community.

The GREAT ROOM’s ‘Here’s Why Offices Are Here To Stay’ is putting the spotlight on many important factors. For instance, employees are not working as efficiently and effectively at home as they would be in their office because the routine of “getting into a work warrior mode” and the social and networking aspects are so important but lost when working isolated. 

There is a reason we talk about work/life-balance and that is because the two should be separated.

The ‘Mint’ values are all about office spaces that clients thrive in and get inspired from, and they focus is a community where we network to lift each other. We have been working on holding on to that, especially through difficult times, but of course not jeopardizing safety requirements.

 “Online” is more important than ever
It is an important fact that the pandemic has not only changed the real world around us. It has changed the online universe, which has become more important than ever. Both when it comes to online communities and online marketing/presence.

‘Forbes’ underlines the benefits of companies establishing online communities. For instance “to help their customers learn, share and collaborate with each other, which in turn can foster growth and relevance in their respective industries.”

Lucky for us, more emphasis on connecting the real world and the online universe fits perfectly with the vision of ‘Mint Soi 13’ (now merged with ‘Mint Soi 9’) that we have focused on all along.

Apart from slowly establishing a more active and giving online community for ‘Mint’-members while expanding and growing, the new ‘Mint Soi 13’ is practically built to merge with the online universe. This is why we refer to certain features as “free social marketing.”

“Instagram this -and let’s upload a selfie!”
Creative, edgy surroundings not only inspire our everyday life and work processes. They have a huge impact on which stories we want to share. We design our homes so that we’re comfortable in them. In the same way, our offices should meet our every need. Maybe even those we didn’t know we had? We think so!

It is basic human psychology that if something makes a positive difference or a great impression, those are the moments in life that we remember. We automatically choose these as something worth sharing.
It is a very powerful ripple-effect which not only spreads in real life but jumps into an online universe. 

We have incorporated this knowledge into our interior design and storytelling. Both ‘Mint Soi 9’ and ‘Mint Soi 13’ perfectly reflect this.

In much the same way as is the case with Soi 9, ‘Mint Soi 13’-features creates inspiring moments with a storytelling ripple-effect (for instance the Lego meeting room, the airplane runway entrance and the lounge’s projector and movie screen).

 – Imagine welcoming clients down a runway with a wall to the left emulating a 1920’s airplane. 

 – Imagine offering guests coffee in a neon green café with pop-art surroundingsinspired by American diners. Or offering them an ‘after work’ free beer at the ‘mini-bar’ next to half a car sticking out of the wall.

 – Imagine throwing business meetings with your team in a room made out of Lego. Many people would want to share these features on their social media platforms. The design and every little detail of both our work spaces practically begs to be ‘instagrammed!’

‘The Oracle’ states how digital marketing and social media marketing -going online with your company- is so important that “if organizations cannot implement and execute a digital marketing strategy in today’s constantly changing world, they will not be able to compete.”

Free social media marketing in the ‘Mint’-community

The creative, edgy, colorful, ‘Instagram-friendly’ and ‘selfie-worthy’ features of the work space is where our concept of FREE SOCIAL MARKETING at ‘Mint’ enters the picture.

When you and your business is a part of our ‘Mint’-community, you get free exposure and marketing online every time you or a member or guest takes pictures/do selfies and upload them to our ‘MINT WORKLOUNGE’-location tag on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

When ‘instagrammers’ enter that location-tag, a whole ‘Mint’ community will emerge and it is entirely up to each client to what degree they want to be a part of it.

 More so, our website will soon feature an ‘Instagram box’ in which all new ‘Mint’-location Instagram posts will show up all the time.

If you post on this platform with our location-tag, you will automatically slide into our website’s Instagram-box immediately.

This, too, is a fun trait to present to guests and clients.

Aspire to inspire

Covering 13 inspiring coworking spaces across America, Dwell focuses on “The Grind” in Chicago as a good example of a place that simply had to change radically to keep members satisfied:

“They shed the drop ceilings and depressing decorations (….) and now have high ceilings, massive windows, and an internal mezzanine provide an airy, open environment, while custom light fixtures from Brooklyn’s MESH Architecture and a chandelier/art installation by RND (…) provides visual inspiration when minds wander.”

At ‘Mint 13’, we have incorporated our concept:

‘The changeable environment’

Coming full circle back to Harry Potter’s unpredictable Hogwarts-universe, ‘The changeable environment’ is a ‘Mint Soi 13’ -trademark which emphasizes the everyday inspiration for members as well as a unique experience for visitors.

Even though surroundings in general (in other coworking spaces than ‘Mint’) may be colorful, edgy, original and inspiring, they mostly remain the same every day. Which of course has lovely and essential qualities to it as well. It is also important for us to maintain an environment where certain elements stay the same, because our members regard ‘Mint’ as their career home, a safe place.
So, at ‘Mint Soi 13’, many designs and facets remain the same. Other features transform weekly or daily, thus making ‘Mint’ a nonstop inspiration and importantly: constantly relevant on social media platforms. There is always something new to talk about and upload. 

Mint Movies

In the lounge, a film projector will showcase differently themed silent movies on the white wall above the couch area every day. Do you have a film in mind? Then do not hesitate to let us know, because our members of course have a say in this too. 

After work hours, we can turn up the volume and transform this scenario into movie-nights for members. The furniture in the lounge can be rearranged or removed for this purpose. 

The setup is also perfect for all types of events, seminars, meet-ups, film-screenings and much, much more and can be rented for these purposes.

From café to bar

The café area is lit up with green neon lights. When darkness falls, the effect is incredible. It feels like stepping into another universe.

The lounge is dominated by green light, but we have of course not overdone it: it is elegant, different, comfortable for the eyes and fits our pop art-style to perfection.

The whole 90 sqm lounge area can both be divided into two sections depending on a certain event. Or it can be changed into whatever suits the occasion.

Our ‘Mini-bar’ as we have named it, because it is located next to the mini cooper-car next to the giant windows with a view over Thonglor, can open daily after 5pm. It depends very much on circumstances. Although we are a colorful and edgy work space, we run a professional environment and our number one priority is that clients are respected and can work in peace.

Bold Bathrooms

We can probably all agree that a trip to the restroom really isn’t the most exciting venture ever.

At our place, however, we spiced up this activity a bit. Not meaning that you will get interrupted in any way. Privacy is key when you enter a restroom.

Therefore, we incorporated the ‘changeable environment’ in a more subtle way in our restrooms. Namely, the music playing in there (not too loud, though).

Instead of the same, boring ‘elevator-music’, a new movie soundtrack will play every week!

The first one to guess the correct movie (email your suggestion to Mint’s in-house journalist, Pernille: wins a delicious cup of freshly brewed Italian coffee of their choice from our café.

If the winner wants to, he or she is of course also honored on our blog and IG-account with a picture of him/her holding the cup of coffee with a text describing who the person is, professional title, which business they run and how they guessed the movie. Consider this free marketing of your business as well!

Seasons and celebrations

Christmas, New Years, Chinese New year’s, International Women’s Day, Halloween, Easter, Songkran, royal family birthdays etc.:

‘Mint’ has always put great effort into decorating according according to the season or celebration. We will continue this tradition and ‘Mint’-members can continue to look forward to changing, seasonal decorations.

Artists and charities
Investopedia points out how a companies being socially responsible “empowers employees to leverage the corporate resources at their disposal to do good” and “formal corporate social responsibility programs can boost employee morale and lead to greater productivity in the workforce.”

‘Mint’ has always -and continues to support charities and local artists, which we have also made a part of our ‘changeable environment.’

Every month, a foundation or local artist will showcase their creations in a space provided by us.

– Enjoy and get inspired from all kinds of different works, art installations and creations from all walks of life.

At our café where the special barista coffee is cheaper for members, every 5 baht from a 40 baht cup of coffee goes to a named charity which will receive the donation when it reaches a certain amount.

Cool, colorful, changeable –but professional

Even though we put a lot of effort into our inspiring, edgy surroundings and into our diverse network and the activities and events, we provide for the community, a professional environment is our top priority at ‘Mint Soi 9’ and ‘Mint Soi 13.’

 We are all a part of a professionally run work space for one purpose: thriving and growing our businesses.

Features and activities are extra treats, although they indeed help to grow a successful business. Free social media marketing being just one of them!
‘Mint’ is a professional and safe place for you to conduct your business from.

Even Harry Potter would probably appreciate that. Because in the long run, disappearing staircases, moving furniture and talking paintings might get a bit tiring and need some structure and professionalism. ‘Mint’ offers our members precisely that in the midst of all the colorful, changing inspiration.

You are hereby accepted into ‘The Hogwarts Worklounge of Thonglor’!

 -Whip out your wand (meaning: your smartphone!) and join the ‘Mint’-adventure with free, professional Social Media marketing!