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A serviced office in Bangkok near Asoke is a perfect fit if you are looking for a temporary or semi-permanent home for your business. It is a popular choice for startup companies that need an up-and-running office space the soonest time possible, or for established businesses that experience business growth.

Whatever is your reason for looking for a serviced office near Asoke, we are here to help you.

The Asok Montri Road, also known as Soi Sukhumvit 21 or the Asoke Montri Road (Thai: ถนนอโศกมนตรี, RTGS: Thanon Asok Montri, pronounced [tʰā.nǒn ʔā.sòːk mōn.trīː]), is a major thoroughfare in Bangkok, Thailand. It is often referred to as simply Asok or Asoke. This road runs north from Sukhumvit Road, and it forms part of the Ratchadaphisek inner ring road.

Along the road, you will see many high-rise buildings, shops and other establishments. While the road is designed to handle 35,000 vehicles, over 100,000 vehicles use it everyday, causing major congestion. 

With the heavy traffic in this area especially during busy hours, the best way to visit more places around the neighborhood is by hiking or biking. You won’t go far before you’ll see some of the best restaurants or quaint coffee shops in the area.

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The junction of Asok Montri Road and Sukhumvit Road is a major road junction, popularly known as Asoke Intersection. This is also where the Asok BTS Station and Sukhumvit MRT Station are located. It is a very busy intersection, lined with many businesses. In 2013, there were plans to build an elevated highway to aid the traffic situation. However, the construction has not yet started as of this writing. 

Despite the hustle and bustle of the city, Asoke still enjoys cozy living and a friendly atmosphere. At the same time, it is immersed in the city’s flourishing nightlife. After hours, bars are very busy in this area.

WHY YOU SHOULD Seek for a serviced office in Asoke, Sukhumvit

To see and be seen

Asoke’s beautiful skyline will never disappoint you. It never gets old. The Exchange Tower, Interchange Asoke Tower and Midtown are just some of the high-rise buildings that light up the night sky.

Of course, the picturesque Benjakitti Park is hard to miss. The park is located near the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre and is also close to the Asok BTS Station and Sukhumvit MRT Station. It is a beautiful park with lots of greenery and a beautiful lake in the middle. People visit this park to bike, hike or to simply sit down and enjoy cleaner air. 

There is rarely a dull moment along the Asoke Montri Road. The nightlife is also vibrant, thanks to the many hip bars that cater to nocturnal customers.

Everything you need is a few minutes away

With a mix of hip bars, food stalls and shopping malls lining up both sides of the Asoke, you’ll find almost everything you need without going too far. 

For your shopping needs, Terminal 21 offers a one-stop shop. You will find almost anything you need in this world-class shopping center, from expensive brands to vintage fashion, and anything in between. For your food and groceries, you can visit the Gourmet Market. The market also has dozens of food stalls for takeaways.

As the Sukhumvit is heavily congested with traffic almost any hour of the day, getting to your destination is usually faster on foot, or if you want to go farther, you could ride the BTS Skytrain right above it.

Options for dining, drinking, and entertainment

The main road of Sukhumvit doesn’t have a lot to offer in terms of entertainment but the adjoining alleys or sois are where all the great happenings take place.

Some of the popular spots for a vibrant night out are in Soi 11. There are also many cool neighborhood bars in the area. Q&A Bar which has a New York vibe is a popular spot. This sophisticated bar is often full so it is recommended that you book in advance. There is also the Soi Cowboy which is home to a number of neon-lit bars. Aside from this naughty nightlife scene, there are also many Western-style clubs in Asoke. 

Asoke also has many charming restaurants, and they offer a sheer variety of cuisines from tapas, steaks, Italian pizzas and more. Some of the well-known establishments are the Big Mama Tapas, Kenshin Izakaya, and El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse which are located in Soi 19. Big Mama Pizza and Pala Pizza are also Asoke staples, and they are worth visiting. 

It’s good for business

Business is flourishing in Asoke. This busy district has a lot to offer for start-up and established businesses. 

Asoke is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Bangkok and it is a popular choice among expats, young professionals and even students. The multicultural makeup of this area makes it very attractive to Westerners who visit the city for business or pleasure. Truly, with all those people in the area, there are many business opportunities you could think of. 

Asoke is directly between two other hip and happening areas

Asoke is well connected to other areas in Bangkok. If you travel via multiple routes from Asoke, Sukhumvit to Petchburi, you’ll pass many shops and restaurants along the way. And if you want to visit the downtown area, you can easily do so through Asoke and Sukhumvit Soi 19. 

Moreover, the Airport Rail Link at the Phetchaburi MRT stop is just a few minutes away, and you’ll never have to rush in going to the airport if you live or stay in this area. Needless to say, having both BTS stop and MRT stop in one place is a huge plus in accessing nearby districts. 

Other Bangkok’s districts are not too far either

The strategic location of Asoke plus the presence of the BTS and MRT stops makes it your gateway to other districts. In fact, the downtown area is just less than 30 minutes away, and Watthana less than 20 minutes away.

The best thing about Asoke is that while it is close to the city center, it enjoys a relatively calm and friendly neighborhood atmosphere. 


serviced offices near asoke Bangkok

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