‘Mint Soi 13’: the doors are open

After months of visualizing and planning followed by months of building and making every possible dream of a new office space come true, ‘Mint Soi 13’ on the 8th floor of Thonglor’s Home Place Building is now standing tall in all its glory.

5 years of success, a growing demand for more ‘Mint’-magic and a brave decision to expand has resulted in ‘Mint workLounge’s split into two: ‘Mint Soi 9’ and ‘Mint Soi 13.’

“We’re still in love with and proud of Mint Soi 9”, says owner and interior designer, Kenneth: “and it’s still a great place to conduct your business from! Mint Soi 13 is actually a direct expansion of what we continue to love about ‘Mint’ and what has worked so well for 5 years. That -and a bit more craziness!”, he laughs.

Into ‘Mint’ and outside the box

A bit more craziness on a bigger scale is exactly what the new worklounge is. The bold interior design greets you as soon as you step inside. Neon signs and colorful wall paintings set the pop-art vibe throughout the whole place.

Of course, it is also not enough to just walk to work. As part of a bigger airplane-vision, the entrance floor emulates a runway. It enables all ‘Mint’-members to fly to and from work every day.

Kenneth dreamed of building half an airplane inside the reception area, which has resulted in a whole wall (now referred to as “the airplane wall” by everyone) inspired by 1920’s airplanes.

Once you’ve flown to work, the pop art theme continues creatively and tastefully and is woven into every detail on tables, chairs, paintings, in hallways and in even in the bathrooms.

The green café changes into a lit-up bar at night and the whole lounge area can be changed into the perfect setting for events. They didn’t build half an airplane, but they did however build half a car in there. It is a part of what has been named ‘the entertainment centre.’ At daytime, a projector in the ceiling will show black and white silent movies every day. At night, this setting can be used for all types of events, seminars, film-screenings etc. 

The car itself is part of a very popular concept directly from ‘Mint Soi 9’: free flow beers for all members and their guests after work. Hit the ‘mini-bar’ next to the car and indulge yourself in a long-running ‘Mint’-tradition that never gets old

The ‘Mint’ magic

“What has worked so well with ‘Mint’ is the creative surroundings and thinking outside the box with interior design”, points out owner and builder, Henrik. “We envisioned an environment where you would get inspired by everything around you every day. It has and is still doing exactly that. It is what we ourselves and our members love about ‘Mint’, so of course that’s the concept we’ve taken with us to Soi 13. – And just look at this place! It turned out amazing!”

This excitement and passion is present in every possible ‘Mint’-context. It is infectious and the very foundation for the growing community today.

‘Mint’ is more than just a cool work place, it is a second home, a fun and inspiring environment and a community with values that has proven to be winning when it comes to workplace atmosphere and business success.

Want to join the joyride?

Not only is ‘Mint Soi 13’ a dream-come-true for its owners. It is also a dream-come-true for any of you out there looking for a ‘work home.’

Spacious offices with ergonomic chairs and tables, extra windows throughout the place ensuring daylight everywhere and a creative and different interior design and vibe. Everything is made to make you comfortable and inspired every second of every day while you have the best networking opportunities right next door or next to you in the couch or at the café/bar.

“We are entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves and therefore we know exactly what entrepreneurs look for and what they need in order to thrive and grow their businesses”, says Mint’s third owner, Mike, and continues: “this is also what ‘Mint’ has always represented and it is the very reason our community is so strong: surroundings are important but equally important is a strong network.”

As the head of operations, Mike has a key role when it comes to the success of the ‘Mint’-network. “We are excited to finally let new businesses into our diverse community!” he says, “and as we’ve learned for a long time now, free beers never hurt anyone when it comes to networking opportunities, haha.”

Indeed, it never did at ‘Mint.’ 
Keep an eye on this space where we will be blogging about news and promotions, (business) stories about ‘Mint’-members and last but not least a lot of pure entertainment (flowing as freely as the beer) reflecting our community. 

Our first showing took place successfully last week and now you can join the joyride by booking a tour any time you’d like (we of course take Covid 19 safety precautions) and come see for yourself if flying to work and getting lifted to success is something for you, too.

‘Mint Soi 13’: the doors are open and the runway ready for take-of!