Trendy Thonglor & magic ‘Mint’ – The perfect couple

’MINT WORKLOUNGE’ has existed on Thonglor Soi 9 for five years.

There are many reasons for the success of this work space. A success so great that the next natural step was an expansion on Soi 13 starting in the fall of 2020. Whereby ‘Mint’ is now an even bigger part of Thonglor spreading out on two Sois.

 One of the success-reasons is the Thonglor district itself and how Mint’s coworking space/serviced offices and its whole brand in many ways fit perfectly into it.

The two are like peas in a pod, the perfect pairing.

 So, why is that?

The Thonglor District
Culture Trip names Thonglor Bangkok’s trendiest neighbourhood.
Despite its level of luxury and high-quality cuisines, Thonglor offers something for everybody from all walks of life.

‘From Akyra With Love’ emphasizes how the district has attracted bohemians and artists from all over Thailand for years, which is why many travel experts have dubbed the area “The hippest district” in all of Asia!

The idea for the ‘Mint’ work space was born five years ago when owners and entrepreneurs Kenneth and Henrik found that there was a lack of serviced offices/coworking spaces in Bangkok.

Both being creative souls, they envisioned an original, pop-art stylish and artistically different work space with edgy, funky, colorful, hip, inspiring interior design, showcasing their vision and creating the desired vibe.

They had run their construction company ‘Scandinavian Builders’ for many years in numerous countries around the world.

One of their biggest assignments was back in their home-country, Denmark, 10 years ago: 
designing and constructing Copenhagen’s first coworking space, ‘SoHo’ (link + general link about best coworking spaces), which they did with great success.

 “We created the ‘Mint’ work space with our experience from building ‘SoHo’ but with an entirely different vision. The building on Soi 9 was old, neglected and falling apart but we saw its potential”, explains Henrik.

That they did. But what they didn’t think that much about back then about was the fact that they had ventured into the perfect location for their vision.

After literally searching all over Bangkok for a place to build, it was by sheer coincidence that they stumbled across the sorry looking building in a tiny little Soi in the otherwise super-trendy Thonglor area.

When “love at first sight” turns into a great, long-lasting relationship
Maybe there is no such a thing as coincidences. 

Because ‘Mint’ with its colorful, edgy and socially engaging ‘personality’ is the perfect match to trendy, hip and bohemian Thonglor. The artistic vision behind ‘Mint’ reflects this multifaceted district..

A fun, creative, diverse work space with a diverse community inside a diverse district with just as diverse a crowd!

Where love blossoms: location!
What also fits perfectly with a coworking space/serviced offices is a good location when it comes to BTS stations and commuting.

Bangkok is well-known for its crazy traffic and at certain times of the day you do not want to get into a car and venture out into never-ending lines and congestion.

‘Ananda’ points out that the MRT and BTS trains are the preferred mass transit networks.
They “offer a reliable and efficient form of commuting”: they are unaffected by weather (especially during the rainy season, which is upon us soon) and rush hour and the quickest way to get around Bangkok.

 ‘Mint Soi 9’ is located about ten minutes (or a 1-minute scooter ride) from Thonglor BTS station and ‘Mint Soi 13’ is a five minute walk from Soi 9.

Reviewers and critics on Tripadvisor’ also agree that the BTS trains are the best way to commute in Bangkok! 

Thonglor is an attractive district to live in as well. Just ask Costa Savva, Founder and Managing Director of the real estate agency, Lazudi. They experience a lot of interest in Thonglor. 
Lazudi have been located at ’Mint Soi 9’ for two years and Costa Savva says: “the price is great for this ideal location in the middle of Thonglor close to the BTS station. Both my employees and our clients are very happy with that. Thonglor is definitely the place to be.”

Indeed, it is. Actually, when it comes down to it, just having your company address in Thonglor gives a great impression of success and thereby trustworthiness.

Thonglor and Mint’s further attractions
Both ‘Mint’-members and their clients are also happy with the location because it is surrounded by eateries and coffee shops.

There is something for all taste buds (and incomes) ranging from street kitchens to high-end cuisines.

Furthermore, if you want to go out with your employees or invite clients out, Thonglor by night is filled with cozy bars, restaurants , speakeasy hide-aways and clubs.

 “When people hear Thonglor nightlife, they think party, party, and cool cocktails”.

Thonglor features some of Bangkok’s more exclusive real estate, and the vibe here in most bars and clubs is upscale, urban, and hip, but you don’t necessarily have to break the bank and it’s well worth a visit”, concludes ’10 Best.’

It seems as if that no matter from which angle you investigate Thonglor, it is as diverse as Mint’s work space is.

It can never be predicted for certain if a romance will keep going stronger. But in spite of that, you might dare to say that the romance between ‘Mint’ and Thonglor will continue and get hotter by the second!