Let’s beat Covid together -with success!

The pandemic is still upon us. These are tough times for many of you out there and the future remains uncertain.

As entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves, we know and understand your struggles and needs.

It is our goal to not only work together with you to survive the pandemic: we aim to see you thrive during this process.

Therefore, we now offer a ‘Covid Care Package’-promotion.

We lowered our current prices to meet the demands required these days.

Join us here at ‘Mint’ for only THB 1250 per sqm for three months.

When these three months are up and if Covid is still rampaging by then, you get an extra three months at the same rate.

Every three months we evaluate the situation together and work out a secure plan for you.

This circle of ‘Covid-care’ continues until our society is back to normal.

Furthermore, rest assured that our ‘Covid Care Package’ is immediately re-activated if the pandemic goes away for a long time only to return.

As a ‘Mint’-member, you are safe and supported regardless of any future scenario.

So, let’s beat Covid together -with success!

Contact us today and let’s secure your continued growth and foster a positive outlook on the future.

Covid Care Package