– Our first ‘Mint Soi 13’-members are moving in today –

The ‘Makha Bukha’ day tomorrow is not the only reason that this Thursday feels like a celebration-Friday to us:

Our first ‘Mint Soi 13’-members are moving in today!

We can’t imagine a better way to finish another fantastic ‘Mint’-week and to start off a long weekend.

It’s quite rare to look forward to a Monday morning, but this is definitely one of those rare occasions!

On Monday, ‘Mint Soi 13’ will be bustling with life.

Members will be flying to work down our runway and our creative, colourful space will finally inspire -and be a new “career home” for ‘Mint’-members. Just as we imagined and dreamed of for so long.

Wishing you all a great, long weekend, and may your next Monday become as flying fantastic as ours will be!