Advantages of choosing the managed office spaces

A managed office space, also known as a serviced office is a workplace solution that is managed by a third-party operator. It is a pay-as-you-use office space wherein you can rent a single office or an entire floor, depending on your needs. 

In a managed office set-up, everything is taken care of by the space provider, including the maintenance of the facilities and utilities. This allows businesses to focus more on running their actual business operations. 

Of course, renting a managed office space isn’t cheap, and this is one of the major deciding factors for business owners. But of course, when making a decision pertaining to your office set-up, it’s also important to check the advantages of your options.

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Check out its advantages:

1. Space flexibility

If your business is dynamic, meaning, it is constantly changing, a managed office is a more ideal option. Why get a big office when all you need is a small room to get started with your business. And as you grow, you can simply expand and rent a bigger space to suit your needs. 

With a flexible office space, you can easily execute space solutions and policies as you see fit. For instance, if the employees are currently cramped in their fixed cubicles, you can arrange with your managed office provider for a bigger office with more legroom for your employees. On the other hand, if you are downsizing or automating, and you need to let go of some employees, you can then transition to a small office space.

Aside from that, as your business grows, you may find the need for dedicated meeting rooms, multifunction rooms and pantry. All these are commonly offered as part of a managed office.

2. Channels your focus to productivity

In a typical office set-up, business owners need to focus on two things: office operations and actual business operations. And any business owner understands that managing office operations can be time consuming and could steal away much of your time that you could otherwise dedicate to more productivity. 

In a managed office, the third-party provider takes care of ensuring that your office is clean, well-maintained, secure, and all the utilities and facilities are working as they should. Most, if not all, managed offices also handle mail and phone handing services for you.

If you choose a serviced managed office, you have one less thing to worry about. Without having to worry about office operations, you can give your 100-percent attention to your actual business.

3. Cost effective business solution

In a managed office, you just pay for one fixed amount, monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on your contract. And that one fixed amount already covers your office needs, including utilities and housekeeping.

You also save on manpower expenses because among others you don’t have to hire janitors, security personnel and receptionists because they are more often already included in the contract. 

4. Enhances networking

Your networking skill can help achieve exponential growth for your business. Any business can make good use of networking to thrive. And with a managed office, you can also easily enhance your networking opportunities.

In a managed office set-up, oftentimes, there are other businesses that operate on the same floor or building as you do. And you’ll never know, maybe one of them could become your future partner or customer. If not, they could also recommend you to others who need your services.

5. Scalability of office space

Change is inevitable for businesses. And one of the major changes your business could face is the possibility of hiring more or to downsize, depending on your performance. 

But wherever the direction you are headed to, you could benefit from the scalability of a managed office space. You could easily change the size of your rented office according to your business needs or change the entire office set-up. It is an option that you would not easily get in a traditional office set-up. 

6. Well-thought workspace

Any business would want to achieve operational excellence where you have everything you need for seamless operations. And this is easily achievable with managed offices. A managed office provider looks into all the operational aspects of your business and will make sure that everything is running smoothly for you and your employees to work effectively and productively.

7. Prime location

One of the advantages of getting a managed office is the opportunity to have an office located at a prime location within city centers. This, in turn, helps build your brand reputation. Aside from that, it is also a great advantage for your business to have an office location where other offices in the same industry are located because it is great for networking. 

Additionally, managed office locations are well-thought out so they are located in places with a safe neighborhood. This also improves the security and safety of your company and employees.

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A managed office environment offers many advantages that could apply to startup and established businesses. If you happen to have a dynamic business, it may be the right option for you. 

Aside from the benefits we listed above, having a managed office can also give you peace of mind that allows you to give your full focus to business operations.

If you are interested in getting a managed office space, check out Mint Worklounge for your office needs.